We would like to remind all guests and residents of the community rules. Feel free to print these rules and display them in your rental properties.


It is the duty of all OWNERS and TENANTS occupying this building to respect the Community Rules drawn from the General Statutes of the Resort, which are established and agreed below. OWNERS and TENANTS must assume the responsibilities detailed below and be aware of the offences that could arise both from an administrative, civil or criminal claims.

Resort Security

Owners and tenants on site are requested to assist community and site security personnel to improve security by:

  • On arrival to the Resort advice gatehouse security your name, address, contact details, vehicle details and duration of the staying in the resort.

  • Advise gatehouse security details of key holders, pool cleaners and other contractors they may use to maintain their properties.

  • Co-operating with vehicles inspections when requested.

  • We remind you the Golf Course is a private property and it is not allow to access it if you are not an authorize player.


  • Children must always be accompanied with their parents or responsible adults.

  • Care should be taken for damages to TV antennae installed on the resort. Due to its cost in case of damage the economic responsibility will lead to the person who alters them. Signs

  • Only one sign per property is permitted and has to have an standard size (1 m x 0.60 m approximately) Traffic Laws

  • Owners and tenants must respect speed regulation of 40km/h in all the Resort, one way street direction driving and parking regulations.

    Entrance doors, stairways, emergency exits and garden zones

  • Do not throw paper, rubbish or any other objects.

  • Do not stain, scratch or damage the common elements within the resort.

  • Do not park vehicles, bicycles, carts or place furniture or any unauthorized object within the common area.

  • When construction work is carried out in a property, those responsible for the work, will be forced to clean the area, regardless of when it occurs.

  • Entrance doors to apartments must remain closed all the time.

  • The use of bicycles, skateboards and balls are not allowed within the confines of the apartment blocks. Playing games or activities that

    may cause damage or present a danger to other owners are not allowed and may be required by the President of the Community that the offender or responsible pays for material damage or broken.

    Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by and adult.

    The rules for use and maintenance of the elevators will be strictly the ones suggested by the builder. Apartments

  • It is not allowed to use private properties for other than that of a private property.

  • Common elements cannot be modified specially interior or exterior facades. The owner, who unilaterally modifies any facade, may be required to undo these changes by restoring the facade as it was originally.

  • It is not allowed to place advertisements in common areas.

  • It is not allowed to have a clothesline visible from outside part or hang towels in the balconies.


  • Do not disturb the tranquility of the building, high volume of music and television sets. Motorized machines, television, music devices, etc., Should be regulated so as not to extend beyond the sphere of your own home.

  • From 22hs to 9hs, there will not be activities that cause noises of any kind which may disturb the rest of the neighbours.

    Maintenance of common ítems

  • Within common areas care should be taken, to avoid harm to people or things, it recommended to parents to watch over their children, it may be required by the President that the offender or responsible, replace or pay the damages.

  • If non authorized use of common items ends up in damages of these elements, the cost of repair of those items will be demanded. Pets

  • According to Law 50/1999 and Real Decreto 287/2.002 it is forbidden to have potentially dangerous animals within the resort boundary.

  • Pets must be identified by the compulsory introduction of “Transponder” (Microchip), being tied by chain or belt less than two meters when are on the roads, common areas, or parts of plots that are visible from roads or common areas. Owners are responsible for any disturbances or dirtiness their pets may cause.

  • The use of lifts with pets could be possible only when no other owner is using it. Garbagge

  • The garbage and wastes must be placed in sealed plastic bags inside the underground bins after 8 PM every day.

  • Brown bins around the resort are for litter only.

    Garages and storage’s rooms

  • Parking spaces, as any other common area, can not be closed.

  • You cannot occupy more space for parking than the one indicated in your deeds that is bounded by the lines painted on the pavement.

  • It is prohibited throughout premises of the garage to carry out any work, car repairs or washing of cars.

  • Speed limit within the garage area is a maximum of 20km/h.

  •  It is prohibited to use the garage as a playground and played with skates, balls or bikes.

  • No entry or exit of pedestrian through the garage door.

  • The use of the storage rooms will be made according to its purpose, i.e., storing furniture, tools and others. You may not use the electricity power for other duties than those mentioned. Swimming pools

  • Users must be in the pool ares with appropiate shoes. It is not allowed to change clothes in the garden area.

  • It is compulsory to shower before swimming.

  • It is not allow to introduce in the pool inflatable devices other that the security ones for small children.

  • It is prohibited to smoke or drink from glass bottles or eat inside of the pool area.

  • Waste must be places in bins located in the area.

  • Persons who are suffer injuries or diseases that could be potentially dangerous to others are not allowed to use the pool.

  • People, who remain within the pool area outside the established opening hours, will assume the responsibilities that would lead in probable claims that could result in administrative, civil or criminal demands. The Community of Owners, as owner of the premises, will not be responsible under any circumstances for any damage or loss that may occur to users improperly using the facilities.

  • The Swimming pools opening hours are from 10hs to 22hs.

  • It is not allowed to use stairways or elevators while wet or barefoot.

  • Animals are not allowed in the pool areas.

  • For safety reason and to avoid any potential risk, it is not permitted for children less than 12 years old to use the area within the perimeter of the pool for games.